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Get a Cloud Backup Before It’s too late

March 5, 2020 , elocker-admin

Is your business ready for the worst? Whatever form they take, disasters will always happen. Like it or not, the unexpected will always happen and you need to get ready for it.

Think about how much time you spend planning. You assess risks and you prepare for the worst. You pay for different types of insurance: medical, life, car, debt, etc. just to make sure you’re able to get through any unexpected situation. So, it only makes sense that you’d do the same thing for your business.

Unfortunately, when it comes to planning for disaster recovery (DR), small business owners tend to postpone projects and not take action. The reasons differ, but keep this in mind: when disaster strikes, it can take a long time to resume your normal activities.

52% of small business owners surveyed said it would take at least three months to recover from a disaster.

75% The survey also revealed that more than 75 percent don’t have a disaster plan.

How much does a disaster really cost a company?

Small data breaches — those with fewer than 100 files lost – can cost between $18,120 and $35,730

The way a business handles disaster will determine its future. Ensuring the continuity of your company means you have to plan well upfront. A disaster recovery strategy cannot be built in a hurry, under pressure and without an assessment. To better understand why you should plan for disaster recovery, you have to know how data loss will affect your business.

Benefits of the Cloud

If you still wonder why you should adopt the cloud, here are a few important reasons:

Whether they are well-established IT firms or new start-ups hitting the market, most vendors are now offering
their services in the cloud model. All components of business IT are available “as-a-service” and delivered
through the Internet:

• Infrastructure (virtual servers and networks)
• Software (applications and databases)
• Platforms (development tools and more)
• Communication (voice over IP services like telephone and fax)
• Anything as a service

The providers will update their environment regularly (at no cost to you), so you can be sure you’re working with
the best IT tools. If a company wants to benefit from the last innovation, it’s all in the cloud!

For small businesses, hiring highly-skilled IT professionals is sometimes out of reach. They need specific IT
services but cannot afford to pay someone to take care of them. Thanks to the cloud, all businesses can benefit from the level of service they want without having to hire an expert at all. Cloud offers include managed services for maintenance and support, freeing the clients from any time-consuming task.

The cloud will also help you enhance your company’s quality of service. The provider’s service level agreements guarantee you’ll be able to access your services 24/7. In other words, they’ll always be available. If any maintenance is scheduled, it will be done outside usual working hours and you’ll be notified.

Finally, if you want better security for your business data, adopting the cloud is your best option. Top- rate
providers are subject to high standards that oblige them to follow very strict rules. If you use it correctly, the
cloud guarantees both privacy and security


Cloud services are easier to integrate in a budget because of the flexibility and scalability they offer. Cloud services are operational expenditures rather than capital expenditures. They do not require an upfront investment. If you want to start using a cloud product today, you can just sign up and activate it right away. You’ll pay for the service consumed at the end of the billing cycle (usually monthly). You can scale your cloud services up or down as needed. This is perfect if your usage is not linear and you require more IT resources some weeks than others. This means you can choose the level of performance you need for your application or server. Your bills will always match your actual consumption.

With cloud services, your bills reflect your needs.

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